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Mum shows off her incredible organisation after WEEKS of tidying

por Lucie Donohoe (2020-07-05)

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Érika García/CNET Invest your refund in self-improvement. The Fitbit Inspire HR is pretty close to the ideal fitness band. It has a five-day battery life, a built-in heart rate monitor and it's waterproof for swimming. Flitbit is really smart about knowing when you're exercising and automatically tracking your workouts. And it can even display notifications from your smartphone. Read more about the Fitbit Inspire HR.

GW: At the moment, I'm content to be back in my beloved Mount Vernon in Virginia.  My wife, Martha, had to run our plantation there without me for the last 8 years or so.  I owe it to her to be around for the rest of our lives together.

It is a fact that if you are a scrapbook artist or a paper crafter, you are going to get a large collection of paper and paper scraps ! I know that as sure as I know the sun will rise every morning. And more than that, I know that if your stash is not organized, you will get frustrated and waste time trying to find just the right piece of paper for that special page or layout. Avoid the frustration and take a few minutes to get your paper supplies in order. I guarantee you will enjoy your craft time 100 % more after you finish this project.

(Little did he know that he would come out of retirement in 1787 to unite America again at the Constitution Convention in Philadelphia, PA. He would lead the new United States of America as the first president in April 1789 and served for 8 more years.)

Space Adventures No matter what your pretax income, you don't have a refund large enough to pay Elon Musk for a trip to space. But you can do the next best thing. Space Adventures operates a number of earth- and space-bound activities, and the most affordable is the Zero G Experience. Climb aboard the "vomit comet," a Boeing 727 that repeatedly flies parabolas to give you about 30 seconds of weightlessness over and over again. It's like you're in space, however briefly.  

Dell If you're a gamer, into virtual reality or do a lot of resource-intensive photo and video editing, you need a traditional desktop PC -- most laptops simply won't cut it. The Alienware Aurora R8 is all that and then some. I'd recommend the "200-plus FPS" edition, which has a ninth-generation Intel Core i7 9700 CPU, a GeForce 2070 Super GPU and a generous 1TB SSD, all of which clocks in at $1,880. But depending upon the size of your refund, If you have any thoughts regarding in which and how to use white Kitchen cabinets, you can call us at the web page. you can customize that rig up or down. 

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Recently I spoke to a crafter who had purged her paper stash. She said that she had gotten rid of three bags of paper. It was crumpled. torn or only had bits left. She said that after she purged her paper stash, she felt like a new person . Just something to consider.

'Looks great but did you really need to put the Koh in a box when it's already in a box? And the shaving cream and deodorants in their own boxes too? I'm not sure what that adds?' One woman said (Koh is pictured)

Sarah Tew/CNET If you already have a fitness band, you might want to divert some refund cash to a smart scale. Eufy's scale is attractively styled and records a lot of details, including your weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and BMR. All that data is synced via Bluetooth to Eufy's app on your phone, and the stats are also flagged as low, normal or high, so you have a sense of your overall health. And this is an inexpensive way to share your refund with the whole family: It supports up to 16 users. Read our smart scale roundup.

Each of her cleaning bottles and sprays are placed neatly under the sink in plastic tubs from Howards Storage World and all towels, tea towels, blankets and duvets are folded to aesthetic perfection in the linen cabinet.

Stuff over $500
Experiences may be better than possessions, but the flip side is that possessions are fleeting, and stuff can be awesome. From a fully stocked arcade cabinet to a gaming PC to a 65-inch TV, these items are refund-worthy. 

We're just wondering how many people have their stash of paper organized. I know that it took me a while to get things the way that I wanted them. But what a huge difference it made in the amount of time that I had to craft. I spent less time looking for just the right paper and more time enjoying myself. So how about you? Are your papers organized?

Comments flooded the post on Facebook, praising her 'satisfying' packing and stacking methods, but some were confused about the need for separating items like deodorant and shaving cream into individual plastic tubs.