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Samsung and GE are cooking up the kitchen smarts I've been waiting for

por Dillon Seton (2020-07-05)

The down-facing cameras do a few things. They can recognize food items that you put in front of them and recommend recipes based on that data. The burner cam, in combination with the cook settings if you have a connected GE oven, can also tell you when the food on your stove top is done. GE envisions the camera and the touchscreen working in combination to help you become a better cook. Once the Kitchen Hub identifies ingredients, it can recommend recipes and then display step-by-step instructions for how to prepare them. It can pull those ingredients from the camera, or from an inventory that you enter manually. 

If you click (right) to shop the trousers you can also dress them up with a white blouse for a virtual meeting or make them work for a date night with a lace-trim camisole. All those looks for only £65 is a total bargain!

You'll also find large appliance manufacturers here, but unlike CES, the focus of KBIS is much more US market-driven. Bosch was here, but the AI-driven, camera-equipped refrigerator it demonstrated at CES was nowhere to be seen since it's still a Europe-only product. Electrolux was also here at KBIS, but while it has demonstrated camera-equipped ovens at Germany's IFA tech conference (it doesn't exhibit at CES), its lineup at KBIS only had the basic remote oven-heat functionality we've seen for years. 

Not all of the new Family Hub functions worked perfectly in my brief, unsupervised hands-on, but the step forward was evident enough that it appears that the smart kitchen might actually be getting smart enough to be useful.

It connects to a private parking bay with space for three cars, and is completely self-contained which means it has a bathroom, bedroom, cooking facilities and access to the street separate to the rest of the house.

We've seen this kind of data interpretation in other smart home products. Google's venerable Nest Learning Thermostat claimed from the start that it would learn your behavior to adjust the heat in your home automatically. Mattress-maker Sleep Number introduced a smart bed that communicates with devices like a Nest thermostat and a Fitbit fitness band to inform you about the patterns of other things in your life that correlate with you getting a good night of sleep.  

Built in Cottesloe, a beachside Perth suburb roughly 30 minutes drive from the city centre, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home has a lavish garden straight from the pages of a magazine with an enormous day bed sunk into the ground, mood lighting and a water feature that wraps around the house like a castle moat.

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In the US this year, it appears that GE and Samsung will be the standard bearers for bringing the smart kitchen forward. Samsung's new Family Hub and GE's new Kitchen Hub microwave were the highlight of each vendor's respective KBIS booths. Samsung has the more complete approach, but GE is on to something as well.

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Downstairs, the master bedroom is fitted with a built-in designer bed, walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, which has a double 'his and hers' shower, free-standing bath and a door leading straight to the garden.

Stepping stones run across the water onto an outdoor barbecue patio which leads indoors into an open-plan kitchen and living area, fitted with a luxurious marble island, stone benchtops and sleek grey cabinets.

Even LG, which every year shows off all manner of because-they-can technology at CES and IFA (the cocktail ice fridge is cool), had little at KBIS beyond the basic smarts we've seen for years. We know it has next-level smarts in the works for kitchen from a chip announcement last May, but we haven't seen that technology emerge in a shipping product yet.

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It sounds like paradise, but just two weeks before Mr Brits and Ms Muller were due to move into the magnificent home, Ms Muller was offered a job she couldn't refuse in Brisbane and they relocated there in October 2018.