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Samsung and GE are cooking up the kitchen smarts I've been waiting for

por Bobbye Hindman (2020-07-05)

Space Adventures No matter what your pretax income, you don't have a refund large enough to pay Elon Musk for a trip to space. But you can do the next best thing. Space Adventures operates a number of earth- and space-bound activities, and the most affordable is the Zero G Experience. Climb aboard the "vomit comet," a Boeing 727 that repeatedly flies parabolas to give you about 30 seconds of weightlessness over and over again. If you have any type of concerns pertaining to where and the best ways to utilize cabinets For sale, you can contact us at our webpage. It's like you're in space, however briefly.  

Clare MacNamara, chief executive of the Broadband Stakeholder Group - the Government's advisory forum for telecoms policy, said: "It is important for the Broadband Stakeholder Group that the right measures are in place to support UK fibre and gigabit rollout in order for industry to meet the target of nationwide availability by 2025.

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Current-generation Kitchen Hub owners will get to try the object recognition for themselves when the software update goes out in the second quarter this year. The Kitchen Hub over-the-range microwave and the accessory camera will ship in late 2020 for an as-yet-undetermined price. The vent hood-only model costs $1,200.

"It makes both economic and common sense for firms rolling out gigabit broadband to make use of the infrastructure that already exists across the country," said Matt Warman, Minister for Digital Infrastructure.

Your tax refund might seem like new money, but in reality, it belonged to you all along. You simply overpaid on taxes, and now the government is returning your money. While you might be tempted to invest that cash in Future You -- college fund, retirement, leaky roof or the like -- I'm here to say that it's a lot more satisfying to spend the money on something awesome. Why not reward yourself with a new PC, an enormous television or even just a high-tech temperature-regulating coffee mug?

Érika García/CNET Invest your refund in self-improvement. The Fitbit Inspire HR is pretty close to the ideal fitness band. It has a five-day battery life, a built-in heart rate monitor and it's waterproof for swimming. Flitbit is really smart about knowing when you're exercising and automatically tracking your workouts. And it can even display notifications from your smartphone. Read more about the Fitbit Inspire HR.

I asked GE's Shawn Stover, executive director of SmartHome Solutions, about incorporating refrigeration, but he doesn't believe the technology there is robust enough yet. "Too many bad inputs can cascade into other problems," he told me. He did say GE is exploring partnering with grocery stores to link up your weekly purchases with the Kitchen Hub, which might be one way to save you from the labor of manual entry. He also described a possible future scenario where an AR overlay on the Kitchen Hub screen shows you exactly how to cut a steak you've plopped down under the camera. 

Sarah Tew/CNET For many audiophiles, the holy grail is a high-quality multiroom system. With speakers in every room, you can play music wherever you like, whenever you like. Sonos is the gold standard in multiroom audio. Equipped with a Sonos system, you can play the same or different audio in every room from streaming services or your personal collection. For less than $500, the Move is a fully portable Bluetooth speaker with 10-hour runtime that's also a Sonos component. That means you can add the versatile Move to an existing Sonos network or use it as the cornerstone of a Sonos multiroom system that's handy as a portable speaker right from Day 1. Read our Sonos Move review.

Back in the kitchen, the June Intelligent Oven relies on object recognition to automatically start cooking your steak when you put it in the oven. GE also demonstrated its own food recognition capability at CES this year with its updated Kitchen Hub over-the-range microwave. 

iFly If you've never gone skydiving, here's some free advice: don't. It was the most relentlessly unpleasant experience of my life, and one I wouldn't repeat for all the donuts in the world. But something I did love? Indoor skydiving. iFly operates indoor skydiving in more than 80 locations, and it's easy and inexpensive to suit up and ride the wind -- solo, or with the entire family. 

I've found that the best way to spend your money is on experiences, not possessions. Experiences stimulate the mind and give you lasting memories to reflect on. Things, on the other hand, can wear out, break and disappoint you -- and you tend to stop appreciating them after a while anyway. With that in mind, here are some experiences that even your accountant might agree are a solid use of your tax refund.