Archetypal drama(s) in multicultural world

Aleš Vrbata


Multicultural condition of the contemporary world rises number of questions one cannot address just to one particular discipline. Thus, multi-cultural condition forces us being trans-/multi-disciplinar. This article embraces relatively recent archetypal perspective of some inter-disciplinary thinkers (cultural studies, psychology, religion studies, philosophy, anthropology etc.), concept of Coniunctio Oppositorum (Edinger) and the concept of cultural unconscious. It draws from personal experiences from other cultures, with other races (Jung, Schweitzer) and from research of both archetypal and historical origins of present state of collective consciousness (Gambini). Question standing behind this text is whether hybridism – to which multicultural condition inevitably leads – must take place on psychic and cultural level and whether "cultural unconscious" is flexible enough to enable one and unique cultural myth, emergence of universal values and culture. 

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