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Copper retreats from two-month high, economic worry weighs

por Mitch Nolan (2020-07-05)

The down-facing cameras do a few things. They can recognize food items that you put in front of them and recommend recipes based on that data. The burner cam, in combination with the cook settings if you have a connected GE oven, can also tell you when the food on your stove top is done. GE envisions the camera and the touchscreen working in combination to help you become a better cook. Once the Kitchen Hub identifies ingredients, it can recommend recipes and then display step-by-step instructions for how to prepare them. It can pull those ingredients from the camera, or from an inventory that you enter manually. 

Duncan Chisholm, director of Munro and Noble in Inverness, said: 'The city has been developing quickly in recent years and so the fact that it's still relatively affordable compared to other cities around the UK makes it an appealing place to live.

"The $5,350 level is key and remains quite a challenge for LME copper at this stage," Hansen said. "Until we get some more solid news about growth, then the upside seems to be driven more by hope than by reality."

What that new software does, among other things, is use the fridge's built-in camera and some back-end AI to interpret food items on the shelf as data. Once the Family Hub understands that an avocado is, in fact, an avocado, the fridge can do things like make recipe recommendations, plan your weekly menu automatically, track your food inventory and even send cooking instructions to a connected oven. 

You'll have a few camera options with the Kitchen Hub microwave. It ships with three cameras built-in, one facing out for making video calls, another facing down to capture what's on your burners, and yet another inside the microwave itself. At KBIS, GE also demonstrated a fourth-camera option attached underneath a cabinet, aimed down at an adjacent cutting board. Both the primary down-facing camera and the accessory cam will have object recognition capability.

The property company reported a huge increases in searches for properties in Inverness, Shetland, Sandbanks, St. Davids in Haverfordwest, South Devon,  Marston Moretaine, Belgravia, Cotswolds, Ullapool and Mayfair.

Gabby has plenty of space to workout and her flat even has its own patio section for exercise, the garden is boxed off with a grey picket fence and she has a rattan sofa with orange cushions and plants for a relaxing area.   

The reality star was dating Rak-Su star Myles until August 2019, when she accused him of cheating on her, and also dumped her Love Island beau Marcel Somerville in February 2018 when she discovered he'd been unfaithful.

iFly If you've never gone skydiving, here's some free advice: don't. It was the most relentlessly unpleasant experience of my life, and one I wouldn't repeat for all the donuts in the world. But something I did love? Indoor skydiving. iFly operates indoor skydiving in more than 80 locations, and it's easy and inexpensive to suit up and ride the wind -- solo, or with the entire family. 

This lavish seven-bedroom Victoria detached Bed & Breakfast villa comes with extensive extensions and has a range of original period features. The property features a large private lounge with feature fire and bay window to the front. There also a private bedroom with large en-suite bathroom and a spacious kitchen and a large utility room

Sarah Tew/CNET For many audiophiles, the holy grail is a high-quality multiroom system. With speakers in every room, you can play music wherever you like, whenever you like. Sonos is the gold standard in multiroom audio. Equipped with a Sonos system, you can play the same or different audio in every room from streaming services or your personal collection. For less than $500, the Move is a fully portable Bluetooth speaker with 10-hour runtime that's also a Sonos component. That means you can add the versatile Move to an existing Sonos network or use it as the cornerstone of a Sonos multiroom system that's handy as a portable speaker right from Day 1. Read our Sonos Move review.

I don't anticipate either GE's or Samsung's solution will sway skeptics of the smart kitchen or the smart home in general this year, although credit to both companies for bringing new functionality to existing products. In Samsung's case, even the first generation Family Hub refrigerator, now five years old, will get the object recognition software update. The more important point is that both companies are going beyond the basic transactional smart home functions and doing something innovative, and even potentially useful with data they generate by bringing household devices online. 

Upmarket state agent Savills, which has more than 100 offices across the UK, reported a huge rise in enquiries about properties in Winchester in Hampshire, Newbury in Berkshire, Canford Cliffs in Dorset and the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland.

The Container Store These sleek glass canisters come in three sizes (1.5, 2 and 3 quarts) and are crowned with a chestnut colored acacia wood cap. The openings are wide enough to scoop out everything from cups of rice to brown sugar (speaking of, see how you can soften brown sugar here).

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