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Stalin's Satellites: A Look at Stalin's Inner Circle

por Johnson Selwyn (2020-07-05)

During the pre WWI years, Stalin began his ruthless rise up the Bolshevik party hierarchy -intent on impressing Lenin and the other established Party faithful with his loyalty to the cause, and his practical, effective abilities as a fundraiser (often by illegal means such as robbery and extortion), and 'enforcer' (removing those who opposed the Party). The tsar's secret police, the Okhrana, kept a close eye on Stalin during these years, and twice he was arrested and sent to remote parts of Siberia to be exiled.

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The Commerce Department had imposed an anti-dumping duty of 183.6% and anti-subsidy duties ranging up to 194.9% on Chinese imports of hardwood plywood after finding they were being subsidized and dumped in U.S. markets. At the time, it said the imports from China totaled $1.12 billion.

WASHINGTON, June 10 (Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday said it would examine whether hardwood plywood imports completed in Vietnam using Chinese components are circumventing U.S. duties on imports from China, a move that could see similar duties on Vietnamese imports.

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A mother-of-two and retail assistant has offered a look inside her picture-perfect Hamptons-inspired home in Brisbane - and revealed how you too can get the on-trend look without having to spend a fortune.

Torie Marques , 28, said while you might think you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a stylish interiors finish, in fact plenty of items in her home have been bought from Kmart, IKEA and at big Freedom sales (sofas from IKEA pictured)

From his two wives - Kato and Nadezhda, to his fellow revolutionaries and Party members at various phases of his career (Yezhov, Molotov, Kirov, Bukharin, Beria and so on), Stalin was profoundly influenced by those around him.

On the evening of 8 November 1932, Stalin and Nadya hosted a banquet to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the October Revolution. They argued vehemently on this evening. As usual Stalin had had a lot to drink, and was behaving poorly toward Nadya. She accused Stalin of being inconsiderate towards her (apparently he ignored her for most of the evening and didn't notice the special attention she had paid to getting ready). His response was to humiliate her in front of their guests by flicking cigarettes at her and addressing her ‘hey, you!' Molotov's wife chased after her and together they walked round the Kremlin grounds until Nadya calmed down and retired for bed.

The U.S. Commerce Department said it was initiating the inquiries in response to requests from the Coalition for Fair Trade in Hardwood Plywood, which represents plywood makers in North Carolina and Oregon.

During their lockdown together, the family have been able to enjoy a wide variety of amenities at their stunning property, including a huge wooden framed hot tub which is placed a stones throw away from their sauna. 

Like Stalin, Molotov, who became Stalin's foreign minister in the 1930, was an early convert to the Socialist Democratic Party (the Bolsheviks) under Lenin, and like Stalin, he suffered several periods in exile in Siberia for revolutionary activities.

'It's been about a year since my family and I moved into our home, and since then we have been working tirelessly on it, constantly finding more things to add to make it perfect,' Torie told FEMAIL (kitchen pictured)

If the probe shows Vietnamese producers are circumventing existing anti-dumping or countervailing duties, Commerce said it would instruct U.S. Customs officials to begin collecting cash deposits on plywood from Vietnam.

The U.S. International Trade Commission in December 2017 found that hardwood plywood imports from China, which are used in wall panels, kitchen cabinets, table and desk tops and flooring, harm U.S. producers, locking in U.S. duties on the imports for five years.

However in later years, Lenin began to increasingly distrust Stalin's ruthless methods and in particular, his quest for absolute power and supremacy in the Party. When Lenin fell ill and was on his deathbed he wrote a prescient 'Last Testament' denouncing Stalin as his successor. It read as follows:

U.S. imports of hardwood plywood surged to $238 million in 2018, after the duties on Chinese imports took effect, from $28 million a year earlier, and then doubled in 2019 to $468 million, U.S. data show. Chinese imports dropped from $1.12 billion in 2017 to $143 million in 2018 and $66 million in 2019. (Reporting by Andrea Shalal, Editing by Tom Brown and Grant McCool)

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