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A multi-million-dollar mansion reminiscent of a resort villa is hidden behind the simple stone front of a house in a secluded laneway

por Stacia Caswell (2020-07-05)

Downstairs, the master bedroom is fitted with a built-in designer bed, walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, which has a double 'his and hers' shower, free-standing bath and a door leading straight to the garden.

He said, 'This family has struggled over many years to try and seek the truth..and the fact that they have been met with roadblocks and refusals to even look at what we have is unconscionable. In fact it's disgraceful.'

Demi Moore has been self-isolating at her sprawling home in Hailey, Idaho with her three daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, as well as her ex husband Bruce Willis, his wife Emma and their two daughters making for a very modern family.

The couple previously revealed they plan to change the layout of some of the house, to make way for a kitchen extension which will become a kitchen/dining area/soft area, complete with adjoining play room and utility. 

It connects to a private parking bay with space for three cars, and is completely self-contained which means it has a bathroom, bedroom, cooking facilities and access to the street separate to the rest of the house.

An hour's drive from Perth, Toodyay is a small town in the Wheatbelt region of the state and is part of the stunning Avon Valley which has a population of just 4,439 people stretched over 1,683 kilometres.  

'The Farm Estate' has been in Mark Bowen's family for five generations, with his wife Natalee Bowen seeing the potential for the rural landscape of Toodyay, Western Australia, to become the perfect backdrop for her glamorous 'Hamptons' vision. 

But if one of the first stabs to her neck had lacerated Ellen's spinal cord case she would have been rendered incapable of fighting back. And D'Andrea was perplexed by the huge gash on top of Ellen's head which seemed consistent to him with being struck from behind.

In the planning documents submitted to Brentwood Borough Council, neighbours said: 'The proposed extended house will be significantly higher and larger in terms of its footprint than the surrounding houses. 

Built in Cottesloe, a beachside Perth suburb roughly 30 minutes drive from the city centre, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home has a lavish garden straight from the pages of a magazine with an enormous day bed sunk into the ground, mood lighting and a water feature that wraps around the house like a castle moat.

It sounds like paradise, but just two weeks before Mr Brits and Ms Muller were due to move into the magnificent home, Ms Muller was offered a job she couldn't refuse in Brisbane and they relocated there in October 2018.

Stepping stones run across the water onto an outdoor barbecue patio which leads indoors into an open-plan kitchen and living area, fitted with a luxurious marble island, stone benchtops and sleek grey cabinets.

'It took years for us to piece this together. At the beginning I was sitting up at night looking at reports with a centimeter ruler trying to figure out how that really translated into how shallow or deep the incisions were on my child's body. We realized we needed to get experts to help us do this so that's what we did.'

A blue carpeted staircase leads the way to the first floor where the house's bedrooms are, including a smaller bedroom with a bay window which appears perfect for one of their two children Nelly, five, and Arthur, three.    

D'Andrea had assumed that this meant it had been deadbolted but when he reviewed the pictures of the scene D'Andrea saw that the lock was nothing more than a hotel-room style latch. He knew that these can be easily locked from the outside, and so he considered the certainty of the door being locked from the inside debunked.

Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26, posed with their respective partners Dillon Buss and Jake Miller, while Rumer  stood alongside her father, award-winning actor Bruce his model wife  and their children Mabel, eight, and Evelyn, six. 

Guy D'Andrea was an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia's homicide unit in 2015 when a colleague asked him to take a look at the puzzling case of a 'suicide' committed by 20 self-inflicted stab wounds.

D'Andrea took his questions to the medical examiner and was told that a neuropathologist had examined the spinal column and said that the knife had not pierced it. This meant that Ellen would have been able to defend herself if she was being attacked

Forensic neuropathologist Wayne Ross was more direct in his assessment. He found 'evidence of strangulation' and noted, 'There were multiple bruises over the body some of which were fresh, many of which were older. The patterns were consistent with a repeated beating.'

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One of the rooms at the front of the house, which one day might serve as a beautiful reception room, is currently full of clutter with a dining table in the centre of the room and an electric fireplace. 

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