Jean Mac Cole Tavares Santos, Maria Kélia da Silva


This paper presents the results obtained from a research carried out with middle school (middle school in Brazil refers to Ensino Fundamental II) teachers from public schools in order to understand the meanings of teaching quality in their perspectives. The aim of this research was to analyze the elements, presented by the teachers that contribute to the meanings of teaching quality as well as the relationship with the school context that make the construction of such elements possible. The discussion about the concept of quality, which was based mainly on works of Lopes (2012) and Paro (2012), showed the impossibility of a previous definition of quality, and led us to the understanding that this is a term that cannot be considered as something fixed, rigid, determined, but being more related to the school environment and with the teachers’ conceptions and interests. The concept of quality, then, gains meaning, is provisionally built, and represents the demands of a certain group, in a given moment, in relation to the issues of the school and the school community. The findings revealed that the elements that constitute a quality teaching – from the teachers’ perspectives – are: education to the development of citizenship and critical thinking, contributions to make learning an exciting activity and the maintenance of a good relationship with the students.


Calidad de la enseñanza. Sentidos de calidad. Contexto escolar.

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